Friday Market at Mapusa (contd), September 20, 2013


Geeta Bhojaya from Gujarat neighbours the antique spread but exhibits a distinct presence with her embroidered bed covers.


Alfred Fernandes transmitted a sparkling and open friendliness with a benign sense of humour to match.



He was proud of his wares, (a jumble of books titles ranging from Indian Economics to Mills and Boons, old handbags, hotel room loafers, a vhs of the film ‘crouching tiger hidden dragon’, a red quilted jacket to name a few), which lay in a pile before him. He spoke and laughed with abandon.


Originally from Bombay, he has lived in Goa for the past two decades. He resides in the beautiful village of Aldona, across the highway from Mapusa market.


Standing next to Alfred was Fitzgerald Rodrigues in a cap and with a pouch strapped around his belly. There was a quiet orderliness about him and his display in contrast to his blithe neighbour.


His few products lay together item-wise and composed of imported packets of tang, maggi soup cubes, Kraft cheese, a box of rubber flip-flops, meat choppers, toothpicks to name some. I liked his name. Fitzgerald is from Aldona.


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