Bebinca-100 rs challenge

100 rs challenge

100 rs challenge

So given a budget of a 100 rs i directly knew what i was gonna get..The bebinca from Simonia bakery…yummmm..Infact before the workshop i would come only to mapusa to go get some bebinca  at simonias…usually before i travel to Dubai. On talking to the owners they told me production starts at 5 am at their candolim bakery.the first shipment arrives at 9 am at their outlet in the mapusa market and at 10 am to their outlet at porvorim then they have a second shipment at 2pm…

  1. Gurpreet Sidhu said:

    Would love one too.Whats the recipe??There must be a lot of local suppliers of bebince in Mapusa market isn’t it…would be good to randomly do a check if such a thing is possible..

  2. Traditional Bebinca has 16 layers, but you can make as many as you like.

    250 gms plain flour
    700 ml coconut milk
    2 cups sugar
    2 dozen egg yolks
    1 1/2 cups ghee (clarified butter)
    A Pinch of Salt
    Nutmeg Powder (1 and a quarter Nutmeg)

    There are alot of variants available in the market but for some reason and alot of R&D i love the taste of the bebinca available at Simonia (they sell out daily really fast too)

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