Friday Market-Mapusa-Team Red

The same teams divided the mapusa market into 4 zones and had to plot vendors selling products exclusively on friday..documentation was done through sketches,videos,interviews and photographs

Team Red

We split the team into two groups with Prashanth and Nelvin covering the 6:30 am to 9:30 am slots and Prerna,Chandru and Alyen covering 11am to 1pm slot..

Map with the following perspective views markedplan

VIEW 1 few vendors selling mobile casing,fruits and vegetables . most items come in by vans at 6:30 am from Belgaum , Banglore , Davangiri ..All vendors here come on friday only has to be paid m1

VIEW 2 We found alot of people selling plants and some home made candles and products in this lane,we also found a vendor selling small wild hen eggs here.


VIEW 3 Prashant conducting an interview of a woman complaining that rent was supposed to be 10 rs per sqm intead of 20rs (reciept clearly marks 20 rs)


VIEW 4 Vegetable vendors along the corner


VIEW 5 the long lane of vegetable and fruit vendors with trucks from hotels picking up bulk orders


Rent and the Friday Mapusa Market 

A local vendor who set up his area for sales only on fridays at the Mapusa market shares his experience and the leasing procedure

Friday market Flower Vendor talks about her passion

An interview to investigate why vendors come to the Friday market at Mapusa


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