Orange Team

The Game: 4 teams (Pink, Orange, Yellow, Red) with 4/5 members each are created. Each team in collaboration think up 5 tasks that challenge the participants to engage with the market in interesting ways so as to gather information. The tasks are shuffled and each team end up with a set of 4 tasks written by other groups.

The orange team had the following tasks:

1. Find and identify 5 varieties of bananas and photograph yourself with them.


Orijit: Went to the Bananas corner of the market, which is near the far end abutting the bus stand – and quite quickly discovered 4 different varieties on sale. They were Velchi bananas are tiny and flavourful. The Sakhari (from Sakhar, Sachharin) are sweet as their name suggested. The Gaonti’s were a little under-ripe (my fault – I selected the greener looking ones because I liked the colour). The Amti (from Aam, Mango-like) were sweet/sour, again as the name suggests. These were all being trucked in from Mysore. For the fifth variety, I went to the ladies located diagonally across at the other end of the market who sell the locally grown varieties. From one of them I bought 3 large Mandoli bananas – super expensive at almost 30 rupees each. Very large, and meaty almost – eating one is like having a light meal. Need to discover more about the legendary, controversial and elusive Moira bananas!

2. Find a place in the market where you can get your spectacles repaired.


Anita: I discovered Dangui opticians by asking around in some watch repairing shops about where I could get my spectacles repaired and in all the places they said, “Go to Dangui…they are the best” and then, they gave me directions to shop number 58. I wanted to speak to the people inside but decided to go there another day as they were busy attending to customers. I noticed that Dangui opticians was established way back in 1933 would be nice to know whether it was always located in this place and the kind of services it provided to customers back then

3. Document all the ingredients and find out where they are available in the market for Goan Fish curry and Reshado masala.

Anita: Diagonally opposite the spectacle repair shop, is Royal T stores.
Here I met Olly who prepares Recheado paste and Fish Curry Powder at her home cum workshop at Khorlim, Mapusa. I bought packets of Fish Curry powder and Recheado paste, and asked her about the ingredients, as they were not mentioned on the packets. Olly was kind enough to share the ingredients with me:
For the fish curry: jeera, coriander seeds, local red chillies, dry coconut and turmeric powder
For the racheado masala paste: local coconut vinegar, tamarind, sugar, ginger garlic paste, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and red kashmiri chillies and salt

4. Find an object that you dont know the purpose of and each member invent a function for it.




a) Dumbell

b) Elephant’s earbud

c) Accu-preassure tool

d) salsa/herb crusher

e) finger dexterity tool

5) Find a local musical instrument and sing a local Konkani song along with it. Record a video.


Tabasheer: So there are no musical instruments shop within the market. There is one outside the market behind the Mapusa Church called ‘ Taught to Teach’.  Anyhow, I improvised.


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