Team Pink

The Mapusa lose/find game involved the Mapusa Mappers splitting up into 4 groups of 4-5 people. Each group then writes 4-5 tasks for another group to accomplish. This is the twist because when you write a task you know, you don’t have to do it but on the other hand someone is writing up a task for you, and it may well be a tricky one. Once all groups had their tasks, we set out to do them in Mapusa market in the space of an hour. The tasks we got were:

Task 1: Find and photograph 10 handmade items.

There is an absolute abundance of handmade goods in Mapusa Market like brooms, chappals, a variety of bamboo products, pottery, a variety of forged tools, handicrafts from all over india perhaps one of the most high quality and unique products are the coir ropes which are also used to bind brooms, the bamboo basket makers can be found at the back of the market, by the banana wholesalers.

Task-2:  Find 10 different imitation products and document them, each one of them must be from a different shop inside the market complex.

Imitation products can also be found very much in abundance, imitation brands in clothes, watches, bags, belts etc. with quirky alterations like a “Fostrank” and “Reedok” school bag, Nokia and Sony shopping bags etc. can be found in many of the shops, an exact copy of the classic Casio F-91W is available with a street watch seller, except its a Gasio.

Task 3: Find 6 products made from the jackfruit tree and photograph them.

This task was the hardest for the group as it remains unfinished, with only 3 jackfruit tree items documented:

Jackfruit leaf disposable plates (which can be found in the flower market; it is a great example of a truly ecological product), jack fruit chips and a kind of cheese locally called ‘saata’ are available at the sweetmeat shops opposite the flower market. Later on, after the presentation, we found out that  jackfruit lumber (a hardwood) is used to make various kinds of furniture like stools, tables and tools such as the coconut grinder (seen in the photos of the handmade items above).

Task 4: Take pictures of local deities inside the market complex and document the donation boxes besides each.

Task 5: Find and buy a locally made liqueur filled chocolate

Chocolate liqueur can be found at Carmins sweetmeat shop near the flower market. The chocolates are filled with either ‘feni’ (a wine made from cashew) or coconut palm rum.


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