Yellow Team

10 village ladies with flowers in their hair

Task 1

Find 10 women with Abolis in their hair. Which village do they come from?

Abolis are out of season! But jasmine and roses are in. The women match the colours of the flowers to their clothes, and seem happy to be clicked too!

Task 2

Record ten sounds in the Fish Market

A general chaotic cacophony! We tried to pick out some different and distinctive everyday sounds, sharpening and grinding; fisherfolk hawking their catch;  a lot clattering and chopping. Even a bird that’s spotted cat…

Task 3

Find the entry and exit points for five market vendors. How did they arrive?

Here are the entry points

Here are the entry points

Normally people come in the quickest way and make straight for their stall, though one person made a visit to the Fish Market first. Different modes of transport for different folk – by foot for locals from  Mapusa, by bus from those living in  nearby villages, or by two wheeler. No private cars – maybe parking problems? One group of village women arrive and depart in a pick-up.

Task 4

Find three garbage collection points

Wheelie bin 1a loose collection....of garbageWheelie bin no 3

Mostly collected on the edges of the market, most of the collections happen in the evening, by truck. There’s plenty of garbage lying around though. Some of the organic waste is collected for the pigs

Task 5

Discover three stories about the Shakuntala fountain

Everyone has their own version of the story, we were referred from shop to shop until the authoritative voice of Pradip Salgaokar. His shop, in the family for two generations and since the market was opened in 1960 was one of only five visited by the Portuguese Governor General, and he has the photo to prove it. No one really seems to know why Shakuntala was chosen above any other figure, though it seems there could be no agreement about a more political  theme. She’s repainted every year, so looks as fresh as ever and still seems to be a main focal point for the market, our meeting point too.


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