Monthly Archives: October 2013

MAPUSA MAPPERS EXHIBITION: Ms Agnes Monteiro from Mapusa, faithful to her ‘roots’, was extremely pleased with Tabasheer’s artistic presentation on Mapusa Market’s Medicinal Plants at the Mapusa Mappers Exhibition. Ms Monteiro was particularly interested in Kiraitem, which she still uses as Goa’s traditional cure for stomach ailments.


A sketch piece exploring the mobility of good, and logistics of Mapusa Market, where the movers are anonymous and the goods static.

Another of the jackfruit items found in the Mapusa market... a common kitchen implement used for cleaning fish and scraping coconut. We call it 'adallo' in Konkani, and its stool is made out of the jackfruit tree by Oudumbar Chari, who sells it (in front of Bond's shop every Friday) alongwith rat-traps... also made out of the jackfruit timber.