Stories of Repair and Recycle

Prashant, Anita and I initially wanted to work with people who use machines that are soon going to die out, like the hand-cranked ice cream machine, or the ‘goti-soda’ apparatus that traps the soda in a bottle by plugging its open end with a marble (or goti). But one recce in the market told us that neither of these machines are used anywhere in the Mapusa Market any more, both were already dead in that sense.

With Anita lost to lands far away, Prashant and I quickly switched tracks to something different, but similar – repairmen who are as unique as the machines we had earlier wanted to target – those who repair kerosene stoves, cigarette lighters, umbrellas and one who has made a niche for himself repairing zippers (only bags, not apparel).

What came out of this was 8 short videos, ranging from 45 seconds to 2 minutes, that capture the essence of the work that these people do, and (briefly) the lives that they lead. The videos have been collected into a playlist that plays them one after the other. Remember to switch on ‘Captions’ if you want the English subtitles that are provided. (To play only a specific video, click on the Playlist button at the bottom of the player, and select the video you want from the list).


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