Fresh mappers in Mapusa market

Hello everyone,

As some of you may know, we ran a 6 day workshop from the 13-18 focusing on creating new responses to the market in the form of, artistic impressions/interventions. So, we have just finished a rather action packed week.

high up bbk high up

We had a fantastic week, full of curiosity and enthusiasm followed by articulate conversations, these conversations helped break the ice among strangers and also, with the development of ideas. It was a great group of people from various backgrounds such as, graphic design, journalism, fabric natural dyeing, history and of course art. In the weekends we also saw some Goa College of Arts students, namely Rajaram, Sahil, Sunny and Gautam, whose project is to finish this weekend, 25-26 January.

01sharmi Print

To start things off, artist Sharmistha Kar did a performance, which involved her continuously transferring 200 metres of Gajra made in the flower market, out of ‘Kakda’ flowers, she then offered a metres length to anyone who wanted it. She finished before schedule. A post on the performance is to follow soon, so watch this space.

IMG_5092 IMG_5040 IMG_4954

As the workshop began on the 13th of January, everyone was really hands on and projects soon went into directions such as, creating a web based Mapusa market diary, documenting the making of Pao, making a short film on the 8 sugarcane juicers in an around the market, exploring and understanding the crucial roles that women play in the market among many other ideas and using imperfect, mutant brinjals as a tool for communication, the term “naak vaangi” (nosed brinjal) has been coined as a result of this.

So, say hello to Sharmi, Nash, Gayatri, Werner, Shankar, Mehar, Alok, Shubhanshi, Kabir and Maithili. It was great to work with all of you. We’re looking forward to individual posts from you.

IMG_5041 everyone evening


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