The Women of Mapusa

Mapusa. The name itself sounds so feminine, womanly and Goddess like. A sex symbol maybe. Fertile yet very strong just like every other woman who is the backbone of a family. The one who usually feeds. The one who seduces. The one who takes pride in her kin and in her independence and sometimes, her loneliness too. Her voluptuous body clad in amber skin, Gajra clad bun, her beautiful curves and her cracked heels. Her smile and her tantrums. It has nothing got to do behind the motive of endangering something but only to nourish and sustain.


Mapusa does that to maybe Goa. Or just this part of Goa. I still haven’t explored it in depths. Neither Goa nor Mapusa.
Like Ma. She works in harmony with the other forces. The nature, the sunlight and the men around her. Creating the perfect yin-yang like balance in life, leaving all her inhibitions behind, sharing smile and laughter and making the ends meet while educating her offspring. With all the dignity the world has to offer her. She has synced herself with the times and has no hatred towards it’s own kind. Making peace prevail in this chaotic society. Take the woman out of Mapusa and you will make place lose its charm. And one will search for freshness in the rotten flowers and the fresh fishes.





She will make sure its not the bombil pickle or the jackfruit papad you are taking back home. You will take back much more. You will take back much more. Her stance and her glance and her skinning down the fish has a rhythm and romance to it. She has all the colors and emotions to offer. The female form and psyche itself has amazed and amused people over the centuries.






One can’t really go through books or google Mapusa history as to know what the place really means. The humans, the men, the women, the cats and the dogs and then again the people of this place need to be experienced to learn the true meaning of Mapusa. And to understand that no job in life is small. This place knows no gender or age if they have got to sell what you need and run a smooth livelihood.

This piece is a part of my scripting process for the documentary i am working on and quite a personal perspective to it. Will be starting with the edit of the same soon. Cheers.


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