The Rs100/- Challenge : Beads on Strings

So the challenge was to use 100 Rupees to buy stuff that you found interesting, quirky or unique to Mapusa Market. I finalized to have a common thread (literally) between all my items i.e. that they should all be stuff that were bead-like on strings.

1. The Goan Sausage: the never failing favourite of Goan cuisine gave me a unique start item and due to its slang term ‘Rosary Beads’ helped me onto my second. These 5 beads I got for Rs 15/-

2. The Rosary: Goa has one of the highest percentages of Catholics in India and this is quite apparent by the huge number of churches and also the super variants in Rosary design. This one was tri coloured and made from an interesting breakproof bendable plastic. Super cool! Got for Rs 30/- at the entrance of the market.

3. Cow Bell: This lovely beaded item is used to decorate and help the cowherd find his favourite cow with a tinkle of the bell. It was the most expensive item on my list for Rs 65/- but worth every Rupee, as Werner proves here…

4. Junk Jewellery: Theres tonnes of cheap jewellery in Mapusa Market, I just went for cheapest to continue my theme. Rs 5/- these buggers costed me.

5. Teething Baby’s Item: This was the strangest item i noticed on my walk. A fluorescent plastic dumbbell that apparently helps babies who are teething, by simbly inserting in their mouth. Yes very very suspect, especially because it was displayed right next to naphthalene balls. Don’t cry little baby, this costed only Rs 5/-

As you might notice, I suck at bargaining and couldn’t keep it within my 100 limit. But here’s the spots to buy these items incase you want to try your luck.


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