2nd Edition: Stories of Repair and Recycle

Delayed by six months, but here at last, is the second collection of the Mapusa Market Repair and Recycle stories, belonging to a series of videos that Prashant and I have been making to highlight the repair points in Mapusa Market, where people fix your stuff to make it last longer. In this edition, we get to meet Nivrutti Palyekar, who can alter and fix your clothes for you, Pravin Narvekar, who runs the only shop in Mapusa where you can get your analog speedometer fixed, Ramu Bhomkar the raffu specialist who can darn a gaping hole in your garment to make it completely invisble, and Valenino Britto, the electrical repair man who fixes mixers, blenders and other kitchen appliances with the skill of an expert surgeon.

The videos have been collected into a playlist that plays them one after the other. Remember to switch on ‘Captions’ if you can’t see the English subtitles that are provided. (To play only a specific video, click on the Playlist button at the bottom of the player, and select the video you want from the list that will appear).


  1. I haven’t yet finished watching the full film series but still want to express appreciation for the good efforts. The work makes me yearn for overview imagery, perhaps a map of the market to create a more accessible context but this may be revealed in other films yet to be seen. Nevertheless the films provide a strong sense of place and delivers a journalistic flavor without the driving demands and reactive atmosphere of a news story. In this way authenticity, importance and relevance become core.

    Well done and with appreciations,

    michael nicoll yahgulanaas

    • thank you for your appreciation! yes we agree that the mapping should be more clear. we’re setting up a full fledged website for this and will let you know as soon as its online – which should take just another week or so.

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