Exhibition Oct 2013

MAPUSA MAPPERS EXPO: Dr Sidney do Pinto Rosario took time off from his busy schedule at Goa's premier maternity home in Porvorim to visit the Exhibition. He recalled being present while the former Portuguese governor Vassalo da Silva inaugurated the market in the presence of his illustrious father - Dr Antonio Pinto Rosario, President of the Camara Municipal then - and other dignitaries way back in the Sixties of the last century.

The first batch of the Mapusa Mappers produced their two-day exhibition at the main entrance of the Mapusa Municipal Market on October 5-6, 2013. It comprised photographs, sketches, videos, interviews, etc of the sellers collected for the Mapping Mapusa Market Project of the Goa University (Mario Miranda Chair), under the guidance of visiting professor Orijit Sen. VIDEO Link: